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What is a Surety Bond?

A surety bond is a written promise to pay damages or to indemnify against losses caused by the party or parties named in the document through nonperformance or defalcation.   What is a Surety Bond? A surety bond is a contract among at least three parties: The obligee – the party who is the recipient of an obligation, The principal – the primary party who will be performing the contractual... Read Article

Understand a Probate Bond and How much it will Cost?

Probate Bond is also known as the estate, executor, and fiduciary bonds. These bonds are required to be purchased by a person responsible for distributing a person’s estate after he or she passes away. The probate bond protects the deceased’s assets. Trustees have certain duties (some of which are fiduciary). Carry out the expressed terms of the trust instrument Defend the trust Prudently invest trust... Read Article

Understanding a Guardianship Bond and Cost of a Guardianship Bond.

Guardianship Bond insures that an appointed guardian will correctly manage the finances of the individual. This type of bond is also known as custodian bond.  Custodian Bond, a type of Probate Bond, guarantees faithful performance of duty by a fiduciary appointed by the court to administer the estate of a minor or incompetent person. The Custodian Bond is synonymous with the Guardianship Bond. Guardianship bond... Read Article

Auto Dealer Bond - Alaways Low Rates from $125

Auto Dealer Surety Bond Auto dealer bond also known as DMV bond, motor vehicle dealer bond. Auto dealer surety bond is required by the State motor vehicle departments to obtain a dealership license in the state in which your dealership is located. Auto dealer surety bond does not protect the used car dealer from lawsuits, but it protects the consumer from fraud or misrepresentation by the car dealer.  Auto Dealer Bond guarantee compliance with state laws and every... Read Article

California Contractor License Bond

California Contractor License Bond can be issued online 24/7. Apply, Pay and Print your California License Bond on the go 24/7. Rates for a $15,000 Contract License bond start from $128/year and is all based on your credit history. Apply Now online for a quick quote comparison. Enter your license or application fee number below for an instant quote and possibly the best price on a $15,000... Read Article