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Florida Surety Bond

Applying for Florida surety Bond online is as easy as 1-2-3.  Select the surety bond form the list below, and then follow the instructions listed on the bond page that you have selected.

We offer excellent low rates on all Florida surety bonds for all preferred applicants and for high risk individuals with poor credit.

If you cannot find the surety bond you are looking for, or if you need help completing a form, please contact our customer service at 1-800-374-9227 or email us at

Florida Surety Bonds Types:

Florida Auto Title Surety Bond

Required By City State to issue bonded auto title  (Click here to Learn More & Apply)

Florida Auto Dealer Bond

Required by State to issue auto Dealer License  (Click here to Learn more & Apply )

Florida Administrator Bond

For the administrator of an estate to ensure settlement duties are handled properly. Required by Court (Click to Apply)

Florida Aircraft Dealer Bond

For professionals who sell or broker aircraft  (Click to Apply)

Florida Airline Reporting Corporation Bond (ARC)

For travel agencies accessing the ARC system  (Click to Apply)

Florida Alcohol Tax (Federal TTB) Brewer, Distiller or Wine Bond

Required by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau (TTB) for brewers, distillers, and winemakers) Federal Requirement (Click to Apply)

Florida Appeal Bond (Supersedeas Bond)

For the holding process of appealing a judgment in a higher  (Click to Apply)

Florida Appraisal Management Company (AMC) Bond

For businesses engaged in real estate appraisals  (Click to Apply)

Florida Athlete Agent Bond

Required by agents to guarantee contractual and financial responsibilities to the athlete  (Click to Apply)

Florida Auctioneer Bond

For professional auctioneers or auction houses  (Click to Apply)

Florida Automotive Recycler Bond

For automotive dismantlers or parts recyclers  (Click to Apply)

Florida Bid & Performance Bond

Required on a project-by-project basis) For submitting proposals for construction projects  (Click to Apply)

Florida Business Service Bond (Protects Your Customers from Theft)

Protects your customers from acts of theft, larceny or fraud committed by you or your employees (Click to Apply)

Florida Collection Agency Bond

For agencies engaged in the business of debt collection  (Click to Apply)

Florida Contract – Construction Bond

Required on a project-by-project basis, For ensuring a construction job is completed according to the contract  (Click to Apply)

Florida Conduct Surety Bond

Required by the city or state that retailor obey by city or state Rules & regulations  (Click to Apply)

Florida Contractor License Bond

Bond required by AZROC to obtain a contractor’s license  (Click to Apply)

Florida Court Bonds – Probate Bond – Guardianship Bond

Required by a court, To protect a party in a legal process or guarantee the duties of a administrator  (Click to Apply)

Florida Defensive Driving School Bond

For those engaged the business of providing driver training education or testing  (Click to Apply)

Florida Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers Bond (DMEPOS)

Federal Requirement,  For suppliers of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and other medical products (Click to Apply)

Florida Dishonesty Bond – Employee Theft Bond

Protects against financial losses from employee unethical acts committed by employees  (Click to Apply)

Florida Employment Agency Bond

For those operating as licensed employment agencies (Click to Apply)

Flroida ERISA Bond

For employee benefit plan administrators for 401K plans or other benefit plans (Click to Apply)

Florida Escrow Agent Bond

For those providing escrow services (Click to Apply)

Florida Executor Bond

Required by a court, For Executors in the estate settlement process (Click to Apply)

Florida Farm Labor Contractor Bond (Federal H-2A)

Federal Requirement, For agricultural H-2A employers  (Click to Apply)

Florida Federal Maritime Commission OTI Bonds – OFFs, NVOCCs

Federal Requirement, Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) licenses for OTIs  (Click to Apply)

Florida Freight Broker Bond –  BMC 84

Federal Requirement, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Commission (FMCSA) for those operating as transportation brokers (Click to Apply)

Florida Fundraiser Bond

For those authorized to legally raise money or solicit business for various organizations (Click to Apply)

Florida Guardianship Bond

Required by court, For proper handling of funds entrusted to the legal guardian of a minor or incapacitated individual (Click to Apply)

Florida Home Inspector Bond

For those who provide home inspection services (Click to Apply)

Florida Janitorial Service Bond

For protecting your customers from losses caused by your employees (Click to Apply)

Florida Livestock Packers and Stockyards Bond

Federal Requirement, For livestock market agencies, dealers and packers (Click to Apply)

Florida Lost Security or Instrument Bond

For lost or misplaced security certificates  (Click to Apply)

Florida Maintenance Bond

Required on a project-by-project basis, For protecting against defective materials and workmanship (Click to Apply)

Florida Managing General Agent Bond

For those acting as managing general insurance agents (Click to Apply)

Florida Manufactured Housing Bond

For those who sell, broker or install manufactured homes (Click to Apply)

Florida Manufactured Housing Installer Bond

For those who install manufactured homes (Click to Apply)

Florida Mixed Beverage Sales Tax Bond

Required by State office when Retailor late in paying mixed beverage tax  (Click to Apply)

Florida Money Transmitter Bond

For those who issue payment instruments or exchange or transmit funds  (Click to Apply)

Florida Mortgage Broker or Banker Bond

For professionals engaged in brokering, originating, lending and other mortgage services  (Click to Apply)

Florida Motor Fuel Supplier Bond

For businesses that use, sell, distribute, or mix motor fuel  (Click to Apply)

Florida Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

For auto dealers or others who buy, sell, auction, or repair cars or other motor vehicles  (Click to Apply)

Florida Motor Vehicle Title Bond

To Claim ownership and registering a vehicle when the title is lost, defective, or stolen  (Click to Apply)

Florida Notary Bond

For commissioned notary public officials, to get a license as a notary public (Click to Apply)

Florida Nursing Facility Resident Trust Fund Bond

For businesses offering long term care to patients  (Click to Apply)

Florida Payment Bond

Required on a project-by-project basis, For ensuring that subcontractors and suppliers are paid  (Click to Apply)

Florida Performance Bond

Required on a project-by-project basis, For guaranteeing satisfactory completion of a project (Click to Apply)

Florida Permit Bond or Right of Way Bond

For right-of-way work along public roadways  (Click to Apply)

Florida Permit Bond

To obtain city or State permit  (Click to Apply)

Florida Private Investigator Bond

For those licensed as professional investigators and detectives  (Click to Apply)

Florida Private Postsecondary School Bond

For businesses or organizations that provide various types of private education  (Click to Apply)

Florida Public Official Bond

For public officials to protect against violations of duty  (Click to Apply)

Florida Real Estate Broker Bond

For real estate broker license  (Click to Apply)

Florida Release of Lien Bond

Required by a court, For the discharge of liens against property  (Click to Apply)

Florida Replevin Bond

Required by a court, For plaintiffs in a court of law to secure property from the defendant  (Click to Apply)

Florida Sales Tax Bond

Required By the State when a retailer is late paying their sales Tax  (Click to Apply)

Florida Service Contract Provider Bond

For licensed service contract providers  (Click to Apply)

Florida Site Improvement Bond

Required on a project-by-project basis, For ensuring project improvements and renovations are executed properly  (Click to Apply)

Florida Subdivision Bond

Required on a project-by-project basis, For protection against public project defaults  (Click to Apply)

Florida Supply Bond

Required on a project-by-project basis, For guaranteeing that suppliers deliver as agreed  (Click to Apply)

Florida Taxpayer Bond for Contractors

For compliance with state contractor statutes  (Click to Apply)

Florida Telecommunications Service Provider (CLEC) Bond

For telecommunications providers  (Click to Apply)

Florida Telephone Solicitation Bond

For licensed telemarketers and telephone solicitors  (Click to Apply)

Floida Title Service Bond

For those who engage in the negotiation and sale of title insurance policies  (Click to Apply)

Florida Trustee Bond

Required by a court, To ensure that a court or document appointed trustee faithfully performs his or her duties  (Click to Apply)

Florida Utility Bond

To provide a financial guarantee for businesses that buy from utility companies  (Click to Apply)

Florida Used Auto Dealer Bond

Required by State to issue auto Dealer License  (Click to Apply)

Florida Veterans Affairs Fiduciary Bond

Federal Requirement, For federal VA fiduciaries serving as legal custodians  (Click to Apply)

Florida Wholesale Pharmacy Bond

For those engaged in pharmaceutical drug distribution  (Click to Apply)

All Other Surety Bonds Not Listed Above 

(Click to Apply)