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Most Common Surety Bonds

Professional Businesswoman Standing in Front of her Company with her Arms CrossedGoverned States, Federal Governments, or Employers mostly require commercial Bonds for making sure that the principal abides by the laws as well as policies or a contract.

The obligee requires the Surety Bond to protect its self or the consumer from fraud or whatever is specified in the Surety Bond Form.

Auto Dealer Bond (MVD Bond)

Bond needed to get licensed and protect public from illegal actions of the Dealer.

* Prices are based on credit history and the number of years in business. The bond is issued by CNA Surety.

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Auto Title Bond

A bonded title is a process used by the state to provide titles to vehicles where evidence of ownership is not available.

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Curb-Side Walk Bond

A permit required by the city so you can construct or build a wide walk, driveway, etc.

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Pension Trust or ERISA Bond is for an investment advisors to protect the participants and beneficiaries from illegal acts.

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Mortgage Broker Bond

Governed States, Federal Governments, or Employers mostly require commercial Bonds for making sure that the principal abides by the laws of the State or Federal Government.

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Mixed Beverage Bond or Beer & Wine Bond

To comply with the state rules in which guarantees the payment of appropriate taxes.

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Medicare Bond

Governed States, Federal Governments require Medicare suppliers to provide $50,000 bond.

* Medicare bonds are subject to credit approval.

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Notary Bond

Required by the state to be licensed to be a Notary.

  • Rate for Texas $10,000 4 year bond: $50.00 *.
  • Instant Approvals Apply online.

* Underwritten by CNA Surety.

Insurance Agent/Broker Bond

Required by the governed state to issue a license in order to transact business in the State.

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Vendor Bond

Required by the city to sell as a vendor off the street.

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Utility Bond

Required by utility companies to replace a required deposit to guarantee to electric bills are going to be paid on time. The bond amount will vary.

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Sales Tax Bond

A Sales Tax Bond is imposed by the state or federal government regarding the payment of taxes.

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