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Business Service Bond

Two Businessmen Shaking Hands and Wearing Safety Hats while Standing in Front of their Company's ProductsBusiness Service Bond is a contract which indemnifies an employer for losses caused by dishonest or fraudulent acts. Most Business Service employees are bonded and insured in order to protect their clients from any losses.

You will need to secure a bond from a bonding company, assuring that if you fail to deliver what’s in the contract and what’s promised, you are bonded, which guarantee to finish the job according to the contract guidelines.

Business Service Bond is also known as Janitorial Bond or Fidelity Bond can be issued on the same day of receiving a signed application and a payment.

Rate for a Business Service Bond starts from $100/Year. Most Business Service Bonds are issued the same day.

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Why Buying a Business Service Bond:

  • Cleaning Service individuals or companies need this type of Dishonesty, the Business service bond is needed in case they were accused of stealing and missing valuable items from their clients place of residence or business while they are performing their work.
  • The owner of the business purchasing the bond may be included in the coverage. This bond is therefore ideal for pet sitting, home sitting, dog walking, maintenance worker, janitorial worker, or almost any in home service.