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Surety Bonds from All State Bonds.

All State Bonds specializes in commercial bonds, contract bonds, court bonds, and fidelity bonds.

Surety Bonds is our business at All State Bonds since 1988. We offer affordable Surety and Fidelity bonds in most States nationwide such as  Texas, Alabama, , California, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Michigan, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oregon, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Wisconsin and many more. Simply apply online and our agents will make sure to get you the best rate possible in the market place.

We believe that a client should have easy access and understanding on how to obtain a Surety Bond Quote or get a quick approval.

Most Common Surety Bonds.

Most Surety and fidelity bonds are issued in house and on the same day.

All State Bonds, Inc. Is an insurance & surety bond broker agency located in Houston, Texas, but we do service all Texas as well as other States like Alabama, Oklahoma, Georgia, Louisiana, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico and many others States Nationwide.

Surety Bond Quote is free, there is no obligation to purchase. The application process starts immediately upon receipt of your request during our normal business hours. Please give us a call at 713-785-2138 or Toll Free 1-800-374-9227  if you have any questions or need help completing the application process.

Call our agents @ 800-374-9227 or simply apply online by selecting the type of bond you are looking for from the top menu and an agent will get back with you upon final approval. Keep in mind that some surety bonds do require a credit check and based on that it will determine your Surety Bond rate.

For all your Notary Bonds or Notary Supply  needs.

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Recent News & Updates

Auto Dealer Bond

Auto dealer bonds, sometimes called motor vehicle dealer bonds or car dealer bonds, are government required surety bonds that auto dealers must purchase to obtain a dealer license. Auto dealer bonds protect the public from financial harm resulting from violations of licensing law committed by the auto dealer. Texas auto dealer surety bonds rates start from $329/ 2 years based on good credit history. Texas Motor...

How Much Does an Auto Dealer Bond Cost?

Auto dealer bond is like any other surety bond is required by the state entity so a dealer to get his dealer's license. Rates vary among 3 factors so the dealer can get the best rate possible. Factor #1 is the Bond amount needed or required by the State Entity Factor # 2 is the applicant credit history Factor #3 is the applicant previous claims...

Louisiana Dealer License Bond

How Does An Auto Dealer Apply for a Motor Vehicle Dealer License in Louisiana? The process for applying for a motor vehicle dealer license in Louisiana is pretty simple. Below are the general guidelines, but dealers should refer to the Requirements Package for details on the process. Dealers should also utilize the UMVC’s FAQ page for more information. The Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission requires new and specialty vehicle...

Custom Bond

A Customs bond is a legal contract between a principal (importer or shipper), a Surety company, and CBP that guarantees the importer complies with Customs regulations and that CBP is paid for applicable import duties, taxes, fines and penalties. All importers are required to have a bond on file with Customs.  A customs bond is a binding contract required by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for commercial imports valued...