ERISA Bonds – 401 Pension Plan Bond

ERISA Bonds, The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a federal law requiring that all pension plan trustees and anyone else who handles pension funds must obtain a fidelity bond. This bond covers the plan in the event of embezzlement and theft. It is important to note that this bond does not provide coverage in the event poor investment choices result in losses. According to the ACT, the amount of coverage necessary for each plan is equal to no less than 10 percent (10%) to the amount of plan funds held, subject to a $500,000 maximum bond amount.

The insurance company as well as the amount of the bond must be stated in the form filed annually with the Internal Revenue Service. The amount of the bond must be at least 10% of the pension plan’s assets or $1000, whichever is the greatest amount. ERISA bonds also known as Fidelity Bonds can be issued on the same day of receiving a signed application .

Rates For ERISA Bonds Starts @ $100

ERISA Bonds are issued the same day.

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Bond Limit

ERISA Bond Limit Worksheet:

   Total Assets of Plan A: _________x 10%=_________Bond Limit needed Plan A

+ Total Assets of Plan B: _________x 10%=_________Bond Limit needed a Plan B

+ Total Assets of Plan C: _________X 10%=_________Bond Limit needed Plan C

= Limit Required: ________________________Sum of  Bond Limits Plan A, B, C

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