Auto Dealer Bonds

Auto dealer bonds also known as MVD bonds, motor vehicle dealer bonds. Auto dealer bonds are required  by the State motor vehicle departments to obtain a dealership license in the state in which your dealership is located.

Auto dealer surety bond  do not protect the used car dealer from lawsuits, but it protects the consumer from fraud or misrepresentation by the car dealer.  Auto Dealer Bond guarantee compliance with state laws, Each state sets its own bond amount and expiration date.

Rates for used car dealer bonds vary by State and Bond amount required. In Texas for example, the two-year motor vehicle dealer bond amount is set to $25,000, and the cost of the dealer surety bond start from $250*. All State Bonds is located in Houston Texas, but we do service all the State of Texas, California, Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Georgia, Tennessee and many other States.

PS; Texas Auto Dealer Bond start from $250/2 years*

PS; We also offer Auto Dealer Garage Liability Insurance that start from $1385/year. Protect your business from any law suits/claims that might arise from running your dealership.

* Prices are based on credit history and the number of years in business. The bond is issued by HCC Surety.

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* Prices are based on credit history and the number of years in business. The bond is issued by SBCA /CNA Surety.

Auto Dealer License Bonds Requirement By State:

  • Alabama Auto Dealer Bond: September 30th, Auto Dealer Bond amount required $10,000/1YR, and a financial showing a net worth of $25,000. Dismantlers are also required to have a dealer bond.  Rate Starts from $100/Yr
  • Arkansas Auto dealer Bond: $25,000 Dealer bond is required to be filed with the state police department for used car dealers to obtain a license.  Rate starts @ $125/Year
  • California Auto Dealer Bond: New and used car dealers are required to obtain $50,000 motor vehicle surety bond. For wholesales dealers, a $10,000 wholesale bond in required. Rate Starts from $500
  • Florida Auto Dealer Bond: Auto Dealer Bond amount required is $25,000/1YR, expire date April 30th. Mobile home dealer is required to have $50,000 bond, RV and Motor home dealers are required to have a $20,000 bond.
  • Georgia Auto Dealer Bond:  Expiration date is March 31st; Bond amount required is $35,000 for 2 years. Rate starts from $275
  • Illinois MVD Bond: New and used auto dealers require to have a $20,000 surety bond, expire date Dec 31st.
  • Louisiana Dealer Bond: $20,000 surety bond is required for 1 year up to 120 cars in annual sales & $35,000 Dealer Bond is required if over 120 cars in annual sales, All Bonds expire date is Dec 31st. Rate starts from $200/Year
  • Missouri MVD Bond: $25,000 surety Bond is required, expire date is Dec. 31st. Rate starts from $150
  • Montana MVD Bond: $25,000 surety Bond is required for used auto dealers, auto auctions. Franchised dealers, wholesalers and travel trailer dealers, mobile home dealers, expire date is Jan 31st.
  • New Jersey MVD Bond: $10,000 Dealer Bond is required, March 31st is the expire date
  • New Mexico auto dealer Bond: $50,000 dealer surety bonds are required for all auto dealers, salvage dealers, mobile home dealers, A Bond in the amount of $12,500 is required for motorcycle dealers. Expiration date Dec 31st. Rate Starts from $375
  • Oklahoma Auto Dealer Bond: Expire date is December 31st, MVD Dealer Bond amount required in $15,000 for used car dealers, wholesale dealers a bond is also required. $30,000 bond is required for manufactured home dealers. An auto salesperson is also required to have a $1000 bond. Rates Starts $105/Year
  • Oregon MVD Bonds: Expire Last Day of Month; required for 3 years, Auto Dealer Bond amount required $40,000
  • Tennessee Auto Dealer Bond: Expire Last Day of the Month; required for 2 years, Auto Dealer Bond amounts $50,000. Rate starts $340 /2 years
  • Texas Auto Dealer Bond: Expires Last Day of the month; required for 2 years, Auto Dealer Bond amount $25,000. All used car dealers; Motorcycle dealers, wholesale dealers and wholesale auction dealers are required to have a bond. Rates Starts @ $250/2Years


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Requirements To Get Dealer License

  • To regulate the Auto Dealer trade, the state subjects Texas Automobile Dealer to many legal restrictions and requirements. For a new Dealer license in Texas, the first step is to obtain a General Distinguishing Number (GDN). This requires, among other things, a permanent place of business, a business Signage, enough space to display five vehicles the dealer intent to sell, etc…
  • You’ll need a GDN whether you sell new cars or used. If you also sell motorcycles. RV’s or other trailers, you’ll need separate GDN for each class of vehicle.
  • Each original GDN costs $700, and $400 to renew every 2 years in Texas.

How to obtain a Texas Dealer License for example –  Forms and Applications:

Texas Dealer License – DMV Contact Information:

To contact the Motor Vehicle Division’s licensing department, you may write to the following address:

Texas Department of Transportation
Motor Vehicle Division
Licensing Section
P.O. Box 2293
Austin, TX 78768-2293

Phone: (877) 366-8887 or (512) 416-4800
Fax: (512) 416-4893

For more help with your Dealer License or Dealer Bond Contact our office and one of our representatives will be happy to help you.

October 21st, 2018 by All State Bonds