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Surety Bonds Types and Definitions

Administrator Bond

(Required by a court) For the administrator of an estate to ensure settlement duties are handled according to the provisions of the will and the legal requirements of the jurisdiction.

Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) Bond

ARC bonds required by airlines the Airlines Reporting Corporation for travel agencies who access the ARC system for the distribution of airline tickets.

Alcohol / Liquor Tax Bond

An Alcohol Beverage Bond (also known as a Liquor Tax Bond) ensures that businesses licensed to sell, manufacture, import alcohol comply with regulations and pay taxes as required.

Alcohol Tax (Federal TTB) Brewer, Distiller or Wine Bond

Federal Requirement. Federal surety bonds required by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau (TTB) for professionals who sell, manufacture, or distribute alcohol products.

(Required by a court) Appeal Bonds are required of plaintiffs for the holding process of appealing a judgment in a higher court.

Surety bonds are required for real estate appraisal management companies (AMCs) to ensure compliance and ethical business practices.

Athlete Agent Bond

Required by athlete agents to guarantee performance of contractual and financial responsibilities to the athlete including proper commission accounting.

Auctioneer Bond

A professional auctioneer or auction house posts a surety bond in order to protect the public in the process of auctioning property.

Automobile Club Bond

Required to ensure automobile or motor clubs comply with state regulations and guidelines

For businesses operating as automotive dismantler or parts recycler

Bid Bond

(Required on a project-by-project basis) A bid bond is type of contract surety bond required by contractors when submitting proposals for construction projects.

Business Service Bond (Protects Your Customers from Theft)

A Business Service Bond is a fidelity bond that protects your customers from acts of theft, larceny or fraud committed by you or your employees

Concessionaire Bond

A Concessionaire bond is required for those who conduct business on a premises owned by a third party.

Contract Postal Unit Bond

Federal Requirement. Required for certain operators of supplier owned or leased Contract Postal Units

Contract/Construction Bond

(Required on a project-by-project basis) Contract bonds guarantee that a contractor will abide by the specifications of a construction job or contract.

Contractor License or Permit Bond

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Cosmetology schools are required to post surety bonds in order to comply with industry rules and regulations.

Court & Probate Bond

(Required by a court) Court and probate bonds protect an opposing party in a legal process or guarantee the financial duties of a fiduciary.

Driving School Bond

Driving schools and testers must post surety bonds to ensure compliance with state rules and regulations.

Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers Bond (DMEPOS)

Federal Requirement. A DMEPOS Bond (aka Medicare Bond or Medicaid Bond) is a federal bond required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for durable medical equipment suppliers.

Employee Theft / Dishonesty Bond

An Employee Theft Bond (aka Employee Dishonesty Bond) is a fidelity bond that protects employers from theft, forgery of documents, embezzlement, or destruction of property committed by employees.


ERISA bonds are a requirement of the Employment Retirement Security Act (ERISA) to ensure employee benefit plan administrators exhibit ethical conduct.

Executor Bond

(Required by a court) An Executor bond guarantees adherence to fiduciary duties in the estate settlement process.

Farm Labor Contractor Bond (Federal H-2A)

Federal Requirement. For H-2A employers engaged in the recruiting, soliciting, hiring, employing, furnishing, housing, or transporting of agricultural workers

Federal Maritime Commission OTI Bonds – OFFs, NVOCCs

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Freight Broker (BMC-84) Bond

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Fuel Tax Bond

Fuel tax bonds are required by law for businesses that use, sell, sell, distribute, or mix motor fuel.

Grain Dealer Bond

Agricultural product dealers must post surety bonds as required by the Department of Agriculture to ensure regulatory compliance.

Guardianship Bond

(Required by a court) Guardianship Bonds ensure proper handling of funds entrusted to the legal guardian of a minor or incapacitated individual.

Health Studio Bond

Required for those who operate health clubs, gyms, spas and other fitness facilities

Home Inspection Bond

A Home Inspector Bond is required of those who provide physical inspections for real estate transactions.

Hunting or Fishing Guide License Bond

Required for those who accompany customers as guides on hunting or fishing trips

Investment Advisor / Broker-Dealer Bond

Investment advisors must post surety bonds in order to legally provide customers with investment advice and financial planning services.

Janitorial Service Bond

Janitorial Service Bonds are a type of business service bond tailored to meet the unique needs of the cleaning industry.

Legal Custodian Veterans Administration Bond

Federal Requirement. For those acting on behalf of a VA benefit entitled incompetent beneficiary

Livestock Packers and Stockyards Bond

Federal Requirement. Required to ensure livestock packers and stockyards conduct business in an ethical and financially responsible manner

Lost Security or Instrument Bond

Lost Security Bonds are required to receive payment or replacement for a lost or misplaced stock certificate, bond certificate or payment check.

Maintenance Bond

(Required on a project-by-project basis) A maintenance bond is used to ensure that cases of defective materials or workmanship arising after a projects completion are corrected or financially indemnified by the contractor.

Manufactured Home Retailer, Manufacturer or Installer Bond

A Manufactured Housing Bond is a license and permit surety bond required for those who sell, broker, or install manufactured homes.

Medicaid Provider Bond

Medicaid agencies and durable medical equipment (DME) providers must post surety bonds.

Mortgage Broker Bond

Mortgage Industry Bonds (including Mortgage Broker, Loan Originator, Lender, Servicer or Loan Broker Bonds) are a licensing requirement for mortgage professionals and agencies.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond and Designated Agent Bond

A Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond and Designated Agent Bond guarantees that auto dealers and related businesses comply with all Alabama laws and applicable guidelines for the motor vehicle industry.

Notary Bond

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Nursing Facility Resident Trust Fund Bond

Federal Requirement. A Nursing Facility or Resident / Patient Trust Fund Bond is required by long-term care facilities, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and businesses offering at-home care.

Payment Bond

(Required on a project-by-project basis) A payment bond is a type of contract surety bond posted by contractors to ensure that subcontractors and suppliers involved in the project are paid according to agreed upon terms.

Performance Bond

(Required on a project-by-project basis) A performance bond is a type of contract surety bond that guarantees satisfactory completion of a project under agreed upon terms by a contractor.

Permit or Right of Way Bond

Required for contractors involved in right-of-way work along public roadways

Premium Finance Company Bond

Premium finance companies in several states must post surety bonds in order to legally conduct business.

Private Investigator Bond

A Private Detective or Investigator Bond protects customers in the event of fraudulent or illegal actions by the private detective agency.

Private School Bond

Required for businesses or organizations that provide various types of private education.

Professional Fundraiser Bond

Professional fundraisers and solicitors must post surety bonds in order to legally conduct business in certain states. The bond ensures compliance and lawful business practices.

Promoter Bond

A Promoter Bond is a surety bond required to ensure promoters of certain sporting events meet associated payment and performance obligations.

Public Official Bond

A Public Official Bonds protects against violations of duty committed by a person in a position of official authority that is conferred by a state or other official government entity.

Real Estate School Bond

Real Estate Schools in certain states must post surety bonds in order to legally conduct business.

Release of Lien Bond

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Replevin Bond

(Required by a court) A Replevin Bond is required by the plaintiff in a court of law to secure property from the defendant.

Required to ensure compliance with governing rules and regulations

Service Contract Provider Bond

Service Contract Provider Surety Bonds ensure compliance with state regulations and properly executed payment transmissions to an insurer.

Site Improvement Bond

(Required on a project-by-project basis) A site improvement bond is purchased by contractors to ensure project improvements or renovations.

Subdivision Bond

(Required on a project-by-project basis) A subdivision bond is for contractors engaged in the construction and improvement of public projects including streets, sidewalks, utilities and other public structures.

Supply Bond

(Required on a project-by-project basis) A supply bond is a type of contract surety bond providing a guarantee to project owners that suppliers will deliver all materials, equipment and other supplies as mandated in the contract.

Surplus Lines Broker Bond

Surplus Lines Broker Bonds are required by the state insurance department as a condition of a license for insurance brokers with surplus lines authority.

Telemarketing or Solicitor Bond

A Telemarketing Bond (also known as a Solicitor Bond or Phone Solicitor Bond), is required by telemarketers and telephone solicitors.

Title Surety Bond

Request a Title Bond (aka Bonded Title, Certificate of Title Bond, or DMV Bond) to register your vehicle when the title is lost, stolen or missing. Instant approval for bonds up to $25,000!

Tobacco Tax Bond

A Tobacco Tax Bond is required for businesses engaged in the manufacturing, sale, and warehousing of tobacco products.

Trustee Bond

(Required by a court) A Trustee Bond is required to ensure that a court or document appointed trustee faithfully performs his or her duties according to the official guidelines.

Utility Bond

Utility bonds are required by utility companies to ensure timely payment of the utility bill.